Who Are We?
About The Reel Scene

The Reel Scene are the missing link in the chain

The Reel Scene was founded by Alex Fidelski BA Hons. Alex has mentored and developed the skills of a host of rising stars who now have successful careers in the industry.

Drama schools create a fantastic learning environment however; there are other opportunities other than full time drama schools. The Reel Scene gives you the experience of the job you wish to pursue. The Reel Scene focuses on those who strive to develop their career in the acting industry. We provide those all important opportunities, making acting your profession.

Through our connections, we believe that if you have the determination and drive to break into this competitive industry, then we can put you in the position to launch your acting career.

Acting opportunites and castings

Through our contacts, The Reel Scene are not only casting directors, but also find regular casting and acting opportunities in, feature films, commercials, short films, films and sketches for our actors.

We work with established directors & in association with…

Our Courses