how to become an actor

How to Become an Actor – script analysis.

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How to Become an Actor – script analysis. New to acting? Trying to figure out the best way on how to become an actor? Our blogs will give you free…

Acting auditions

Acting Auditions – How to deal with Rejection

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Acting Auditions and how to deal with rejection. In the acting industry, there are many components that we as actors have to deal with. Whether it is getting used to…

Asa butterfield

Asa Butterfield The Reel Scene Masterclass

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From School to Scorsese: Asa Butterfield Shares His Advice for Aspiring Actors Modest, ambitious, and down-to-earth, at 20 Asa Butterfield already has an astonishing filmography behind him, including lead roles…

Acting training

Acting training and why it’s essential

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Acting training Remember that fresh just out of drama school feeling? You were one of the ‘chosen ones’ that was going to make it; you were young, perky and had…

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Stage vs Screen Acting

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Stage vs Screen Acting Having graduated from the August 2016 Reel Scene acting training event I can say that the Reel Scene is the only course out of a number…

Screen acting

Screen Acting

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SCREEN ACTING Today I was asked about camera angles and how an actor can help the director create the best shot for on screen acting. Screen acting is a relationship…

Acting training

Acting training with The Reel Scene. Why choose us?

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Acting training with The Reel Scene. Why choose us? I found when first starting out as an actor, when leaving school, college, university, drama school or even an established acting…

Actors on Actors – Saoirse Ronan and Kate Winslet

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We all, actors and non-actors included, have those days where we sit on our computers or laptops and scroll through YouTube for hours on end. There is always another video…

What Film Stayed with You since You First Watched it?

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Alan Rickman once said “Actors are agents of change. A film, a piece of theatre, a piece of music, or a book can make a difference. It can change the…