Why the Reel Scene Graduates Returned to the Reel Scene Event

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At the Reel Scene, our mission is to aid and coach actors, helping them get into the acting industry with all the tools they need in order to thrive and…

The Reel Scene winner DeeDee’s blog

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The Reel Scene was something that sounded so amazing and too good to be true, I was so drawn to it, that I had to find out more. After meeting…

Eliass’ blog on The Reel Scene experience

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I feel compelled to start with how sincere I found Alex to be as a mentor (and friend). Whether in the acting world or otherwise, I’ve been under the tutelage…

Kevin’s ‘The Reel Scene’ Experience!

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While striving to get ahead in the acting world, I found myself hitting a many dead ends: joining agencies that closed down, short-film directors disappearing without a trace, scam acting…

Actors issues on Oscars Diversity

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#OscarsSoWhite has been trending all over the media for the past week, after the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominated all white actors for the second year in…

Acting classes

Reel Scene acting training classes

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Only three months to go until the Reel Scene March Event and we are still riding high off the back of our event before Christmas! We are incredibly pleased and…

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Actor Iqbal’s Reel Scene acting training experience

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My Reel Scene acting training experience by Iqbal. Anybody can act. No really, anybody can act. But not everybody can act well. There’s an art to it. Technique. Ethic. Mindset.…

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Jessica’s Reel Scene Event Experience

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My Reel Scene Event acting training Experience I can honestly say that I was completely blown away during and after The Reel Scene Event. In the days after the course,…

Reel Scene Winner 2015 – Anton Miller

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Anton Miller, Winner of the The Reel Scene Event October 2015, has put into words below his experience of the event and what it meant to him winning the Best…