Book to Film Adaptations – Do They Spoil our Imagination or Do They Bring it to Life?

Book to Film Adaptations – Do They Spoil our Imagination or Do They Bring it to Life?

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As an avid reader, I believe that when my favourite novel is becoming a Hollywood blockbuster, there are certain aspects about the story that should be included in order to do the book justice. I have seen a few scenarios, and I am not going to name drop, where the book has been turned into a film and the writers and producers have changed the original story and the ending of the film is completely different to that of the book. So my question is, do book-to-film adaptations bring our imaginations to life or do they spoil our expectations?

This is a controversial topic within the reading world and I am sure that there have been a few film critics who have given their opinion on a film based on a book without reading the original story first; and thus given a harsh depiction of the film.

In some ways, I think that it is really exciting when a book is being taken on to be materialised as a film. It is really great to see how the world of the story is brought to life and we get to see how the characters really interact between one another. I have seen some extremely accurate book-to-film adaptations that have included specific moments, which some may have seen as irrelevant, into the film. I find it incredible when an author and screenwriters work together to create a piece of cinematic genius that pleased and over exceeds the expectations of the audience.

On the flip side to this argument, I have seen book-to-film adaptations and, let’s just say, they didn’t tick the boxes for me. Sometimes you will find that when you watch a film that has solely been handed over to producers, the story is sometimes exploited and altered so that it can’t be developed any further. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes writers make changes to the film that make more sense for the development of the story and do the film justice. However, you will see the day where one of your favourite books is exploited on screen and you will hurt a little inside but that’s the path the writers and producers have decided to take the story down and the only thing you can do is deal with this visual interpretation of the book.

At the end of the day, each person who purchases a cinema ticket to watch the latest book-to-film adaptation are all entitled to their own opinion of the film. We all react to something in different ways, whether we are an avid fangirl of the book and have read it nine times or whether you just thought the trailer looked good and went to see it based on that, we all see film in different ways. We all home in on certain aspects of film but the main thing to take away is that your opinion of a film is not the correct one because, even though it may be positive, it is only one of thousands of reactions to a film – how you express this opinion is up to you but you must be prepared to deal with negative responses in a way that shows that you don’t judge others for their opinion.

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