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Acting courses based in London and Online

The Reel Scene Acting School, founded by Alex Fidelski (CEO/producer), is a testament to his visionary work in casting and film production. Alex and his expert team have not only mentored but also meticulously honed the skills of actors at every stage of their journey. Their guidance has paved the way for numerous talents who now enjoy thriving careers in the industry.”

The Reel Scene provides aspiring actors with everything they need to maximize their career potential”

The Reel Scene: Your Path to a Successful Acting Career

Based in London and online, we provide comprehensive acting training and real-world experience to help you pursue a thriving acting career. Our acting courses are designed in collaboration with industry experts, including working directors, screenwriters, producers, agents, and acclaimed actors like Asa Butterfield, Kevin McNally, David Schaal, and more. Our mission is to equip you with the skills and connections needed to turn your passion for acting into a profession. Here’s what sets us apart:
  • Expert Training: Learn from the best in the business with our top-notch acting classes in acting, auditioning, self-taping, and more.
  • Professional Headshots: We can assist you in creating impressive headshots to make a lasting impression in the acting industry.
  • Industry Networking: Build valuable connections with industry professionals who can open doors for your acting career.
  • Regular Film Shoots: Gain practical experience through regular film shoots, including showreel scenes to enhance your portfolio and demonstrate your acting skills.
  • Festival Success: Our screen acting year course has produced films that have made it into festivals and received nominations for awards ranging from Best Actor to Best Film, showcasing your acting talent to a wider audience.
  • Film Production Expertise: We’ve worked on over 16 short films and 5 feature films, earning a track record of producing award-winning feature films like ‘The Bystanders‘ (available on Amazon Prime) and providing opportunities for actors to shine.
  • Opportunity for Representation: Have the opportunity to be represented by our in-house talent agency to connect with casting opportunities and further your acting career.
  • Competitive Pricing: Access our programs and services at affordable rates, with financing available on all our **acting courses**. Act now, pay later, and make your **acting dreams** a reality.
If you’re determined to break into the competitive acting industry, whether you’re a beginner or experienced, The Reel Scene is here to guide you toward a successful acting career. Join our London acting classes or explore our online acting training options to start your journey today.

“Let’s get real: Becoming an actor and then being an actor isn’t all luvvies and red carpets. The truth is the road is a testing one. So you’ll need the right tools and the resilience to travel it. That’s where The Reel Scene comes in. Our courses are rigorous (and fun!), offering you the training, guidance, and a portfolio to promote, apply for roles, agents, and more. But remember, you have to understand that the more you put in, the more you get out! Do the work to get the part! We won’t spit you out with just a ‘good luck!’ either; you become part of our network of fellow actors for continued support. We equip you with the theory, practice, monthly edited scenes, inspiring tutors, strong reels, and more, empowering those determined to succeed in their acting career.””

RS Talent

The Reel Scene takes pride in our actors featuring in renowned series and collaborating with esteemed production companies.

We understand the essential skills required for actors because Alex Fidelski also leads Reel Scene Talent. With extensive experience casting commercials, skits, short films, movies, and television shows, he now primarily focuses on feature films. His recent success includes ‘The Bystanders,’ which featured many actors from The Reel Scene. Currently, he has several films in post-production and a promising pipeline of projects for the coming years.
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