Acting Classes for Beginners in London

Beginners Acting Classes

We offer London based acting classes for beginners, because many of us find it difficult to find a teacher or an acting class that suits and helps us while we keep up with our training. We are all individuals and prefer different styles of teaching and learning. For those who are new to acting and need a way to jumpstart their career or for those who just need a bit of extra training, why not check out The Reel Scene Acting Event?

The Reel Scene is offering you the chance to attend their intensive but fun acting event covering a mixture of acting classes, giving you the tools you need in order to help you with your acting career!

Acting Classes For Beginners

The course allows students to experience a week of intense acting training, working with industry professionals who guide their learning as they progress their script analysis and character development. The students are given great quality headshots which they can use to represent themselves when going for auditions and castings. Throughout the week during the acting classes, the students will experience the audition process where they are given a script to prepare the night before to present to the agent the following day. They will gain awareness of the fast nature of the acting industry and how you must always be on the ball because you never know when an opportunity may arise.

Towards the end of the week, the students are given the opportunity to work in a studio with a director and crew. They will learn about the busy nature of life on set and how they must appreciate all of the work and effort put into a day on set. The footage shot in the studio is then collated into a show reel for the actors to take away once they have completed the Event.

The final day of the Acting Event puts all of the students to the test. The Final Showcase allows the students to display all of their training and knowledge they have learnt throughout the past week in front of the agents and directors. This is their opportunity to showcase their talent and skills.

Once all of the students have performed, everyone celebrates with the networking event where the students and agents are able to talk about the event and celebrate their efforts of the week. The Reel Scene invites all of the industry professionals who helped throughout the week and previous students, who have graduated from The Reel Scene Event, to the networking event. At The Reel Scene, we like to celebrate and appreciate the work of our students, both past and present, and the industry professionals who help throughout the week. The networking event allows everyone to connect with those in the industry and make contacts that may benefit them for the future.

If you feel that you are in need of headshots, a show reel, intense acting training with industry professions, develop your skills and knowledge during our acting classes, experience of life on set and the chance to showcase your talent in front of agents, then why not check out The Reel Scene.