Acting training and why it’s essential

Remember that fresh just out of drama school feeling? You were one of the ‘chosen ones’ that was going to make it; you were young, perky and had decided that method was the only way for you.

But you didn’t know where to find an agent, you didn’t have a show reel and when you got your headshots done, the photographer managed to render your face into some sort of 80’s Shrek look-a-like. It was easy then to think that your training as an actor was over, but any actor with a few years experience on them can tell you that the refinement and training of your craft is far from done.

The statistics against actors can be overwhelming; according to the Guardian 92% of the profession is out of work at any given time. Pretty daunting stuff.

But the important thing to take from that statistic is to remember that 8%, and the trick is to become part of it. This is where continuing your acting training can come in; it’s surprising how many actors out there will arrive to auditions unprepared, something that acting training or intensive courses can provide you with is audition practice, where you can really refine how you approach auditions and what material works best for you. Things like this can seem small, but can really set you apart from your peers and will most likely impress a director or casting agent, who may remember you in the future.

The vast majority of actors will know what it feels like to be stuck in a rut artistically; everyone can agree it’s not a particularly nice feeling. Lauren Graham of ‘Gilmore Girls’ fame says, “Anytime I’ve felt stuck, I just go to a class…There’s so much more to be learned…And that’s one of the only controllable things you have as an actor. You can work on yourself.” Acting training does not have to take up much of your time, but it can provide you with a confidence that you may feel like you have lost. It doesn’t matter on your age or experience level, personal growth as an actor is one of the key things that can make you stand out and really understand your ability and style.

At the Reel Scene that is exactly what we aim to help you with; by the end of the intensive course we want you to have a professional show reel, high-quality headshots and most importantly have grown as an actor. Perhaps you want to transition from stage to screen, but need help in refining your camera technique. It’s all available to you, you just need to put the work back in, and the rewards are priceless. Acting training is something that never ceases to be important to do, it can help you fall in love with acting once again, and remind you why you’ve chosen to be part of the business in the first place.