The Actors Guide to On-Set Lingo

An Actors Guide to On-Set Lingo

Being an actor is not just about learning lines. You also need to understand on-set lingo. In this article we take you through some of the phrases and terms you’ll hear on set as an actor.

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Be Creative

The importance of creating work as an actor

From monologues and one person stage shows to short films, skits, web series and even full-blown feature films or tv shows, actors have been diversifying their talents since the beginning of our humble craft. Have you ever considered creating your own work?

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Acting Classes For Beginners

Acting Classes for Beginners in London

Beginners Acting Classes We offer London based acting classes for beginners, because many of us find it difficult to find a teacher or an acting class that suits and helps us while we keep up with our training. We are all individuals and prefer different styles of teaching and learning. For those who are new

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actor training London

Why Choose Reel Scene Actor Training in London?

I found when first starting out as an actor, when leaving school, college, university, drama school or even an established acting training course, it can be difficult to figure out which steps to take to help kick start your acting career. I remember taking am actor training course and leaving not knowing what to actually

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