How to Stay Motivated as an Actor

Let’s face it, life as an actor is not always glamorous. Throughout your career, you may land a year-long project, or even have a few – or be a series lead or regular –  but then after that, maybe nothing comes up for some time. So then what? How do you stay motivated?

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5 Tips To Become a Better Actor

Good looks and charm won’t help if you can’t recite your lines correctly and act convincingly. So many actors believe that all they need is to meet an agent or casting director to soar their acting career – but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. What they fail to understand is that to rise

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Acting tips for getting into character

Are You Having a Character Block? We have all faced a script that we just don’t connect with and the audition isn’t far away. It might be that you haven’t experienced the situation the character is in and you can’t use any of your past experiences to sympathise with the character. Your reaction would be

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How to Become an Actor – Script Analysis

New to acting? Trying to figure out the best way on how to become an actor? Our blogs will give you free advice on the basics to get stated. What to do When Facing a Script for the First Time We have all been through the experience of when facing a script for the first

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How To Deal With Rejection In Acting Auditions

In the acting industry, there are many components that we as actors have to deal with. Whether it is getting used to the spontaneous timetable, being given a script to learn the night before an audition or the constant waiting for the next role or audition to arise. One of the main components that we

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