One Day Acting Workshop in London

Whether you’re a new actor looking to learn the basics, or a seasoned professional keen on sharpening their skills, The Reel Scene One Day Acting Workshop is perfect for you. It’s not only a great way to boost your confidence as an actor, it’ll give you the opportunity to meet and work with industry professionals

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6 key tips to a GREAT acting audition!

The key to landing that big role you’ve been dreaming about is nailing the audition process. Being a great actor doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll find auditions a walk in the park. For some people it’s a strength and for other it’s something they just don’t feel confident with. If you actually think about the audition

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How to become an actor UK

How to become an Actor UK

How to become an Actor in the UK With thousands upon thousands of people dreaming of becoming an actor in the UK, the acting scene can often make you feel like a little fish in a very large pond. So how do you become the actor that stands out? The actor who makes the casting directors stop and take

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How to Choose the Right Acting Studio in London

Choosing the right acting course is vital if you want to take your acting career to the next level. But which course to choose? What are the dos and don’ts of choosing an acting course? Read our guide to choosing the course that’s best suited for you.

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Our Top 5 Social Media Tips for Actors

As an actor, one aspect of your job is to put yourself out there for the world to see, and social media can be a huge help. However, social media is a double-edged sword: it can easily make or break you with one simple click. In order to gain all of the benefits of social media use, and avoid the possible blunders, keep these key tips in mind!

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How to Stay Motivated as an Actor

Let’s face it, life as an actor is not always glamorous. Throughout your career, you may land a year-long project, or even have a few – or be a series lead or regular –  but then after that, maybe nothing comes up for some time. So then what? How do you stay motivated?

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