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Cinematic showreel shoot
The holy grail of showreels.

Our Cinematic actor showreels shoot is a unique opportunity for committed actors to produce genuinely cinematic promotional films that truly showcases their talent on-screen.

Professional Actor Showreels Filming in London

The Reel Scene actor showreels use state-of-the-art 4K digital cinema cameras, cinema lenses and professional lighting. Our actor showreels are created by industry cameramen, stage managers, editors and directors who have worked on feature films and television dramas. That means what you get is the same standard, and of the highest quality.

This offering is for those of you who are serious about acting and want to produce content to really make you stand out. Is that you?

The Technology and final product

Post-production of our actor showreels take up to 7 days, but it’s well worth the wait.
Once complete, You’ll receive:

  • HD 1080 x 1920 resolution copies of each scene
  • Compressed versions ideal for uploading online
  • 20 high-resolution frame stills
  • All content colour graded

Day 1

During the actor showreels shoot, you will work with a professional actor and driector to practice your performance, spending a full day in a rehearsal studio.

For those unfamiliar with film sets, we will cover the basics with you. That includes the technical aspects of acting on screen, the technology used that actors need to be aware of, and an understanding of terminology used on set.

We will block and rehearse the scenes for your shoot, in preparation for shooting on location. You will also receive a call sheet for the next day.


Day 2

Your call sheet will specify the day’s itinerary. The shoot will be in a Central London location.

And then you will be on a professional video shoot. Our team have worked on films, BBC, ITV and Channel 4, so you’re in good hands. You will then perform your pre-rehearsed scenes, which will be live-edited. Our shoot and post-production processes are industry standard. Just have a look at our Instagram to see what our shoots are like!



Due to the professional standard of the actor showreels shoot, it is essential that you have acting training, and are serious about becoming an actor. The Cinematic actor showreels shoot does not teach you how to act, but is designed to highlight your existing ability and have professionally made content to display your skills.

If you do not quite feel ready for this, you should have a look at the Reel Scene Event, where we specialise in helping you to enhance your acting skills.

We’re happy for you to bring them along. Each shoot has four places available, so you can bring up to three friends. All spaces are however charged at the same rate.

All actors are welcome, including those who work in theatre. Our shoot is not about the platform you act on, but is designed to showcase your diversity as an artist. For those unfamiliar with the process of working on a film set will be fully briefed before the shoot to make sure you’re completely comfortable.

The total duration of the scenes after editing will be approximately 3-4 minutes.

The post-production process will take up to 7 days, and includes editing, colour grading and sound mixing. The final footage you receive will be of each individual scene separately. Each scene will be provided in full HD 1080 x 1920 resolution, and also compressed versions ideal for uploading online.

In addition, you will receive 20 high-resolution frame stills at 12 megapixels and are colour graded for a professional finish, ideal for your portfolio. Download a sample of our frame stills here.

Honestly, everything. Unless their set-up is the same as a genuine television or film shoot. Our crew are all working professionals in the industry. Our hardware and post-production workflow is industry standard. We pride ourselves on the quality of our offering, and are confident we won’t let you down.

We encourage you to really research other companies out there and compare what they do to what we do.

Of course, we’re proud of the content we film and produce. The quality we achieve is there for you to see.

Because we know what it can be like as a budding actor trying to make it, and how difficult gaining exposure can be. It’s that classic ‘catch-22’ situation: you need to have a great showreel to get anywhere, but to have a great showreel you need to have worked on a professional film or television shoot. You can’t win.

But we want you to. Set yourself apart from others, and show the industry you’re serious about acting.

Invest in us, because we invest in you.

This is a unique opportunity for committed actors to produce genuinely cinematic promotional content for their portfolios. If you have it, flaunt it in style.

Cinematic showreel shoot
Professional lighting. Studio set-build. We don’t mess around.



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