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Lucas Young

Editor and CTO

Lucas Young is a British editor/actor/director who spent much of his life in New Zealand where he qualified as a director in 1995 and worked for Television New Zealand.

His acting career began there also with a small part in Xena: Warrior Princess alongside Lucy Lawless.

After starting a web development company, he spent some time at Weta Digital in Wellington working on the visual effects for the last Lord of the Rings film, The Return of the King, alongside Peter Jackson.

He also developed the largest (at the time) online cannabis website / community The Stoners Cookbook (now known as Herb).

After returning to Europe and keen to pursue a career in the industry, he met with Alex from the Reel Scene and actor Asa Butterfield (with whom he’s now developing a computer game) who convinced him to pursue acting, at a Reel Scene networking event in London.

Lucas subsequently enrolled as a student and graduated from a number of Reel Scene courses including The Event, The Screen Acting Year Course, and The Asa Butterfield Masterclass (twice).

Lucas subsequently won acting roles in a number of productions including Belgian short film Res Cogitans and the Screen Acting Year Course 2019 short film “Nobody Sees” for which he was nominated as Best Actor at the Gold Movie Awards in 2019. He appears in the upcoming feature film “All Those Things” with Reel Scene coach Steve North.

Lucas found the team and the environment at The Reel Scene so inspiring and supportive that he became part of the time, taking on a variety of roles including writing, directing, shooting, and editing scenes for the students  and managing the IT side of the business, including the online presence.

Lucas Young with the Reel Scene team
Lucas Young with the Reel Scene team

Lucas teaches editing at The Reel Scene as part of The Screen Acting Year Course. He writes, directs, shoots and edits many of the student exercises. He also built and manages the Reel Scene and Actors Gym websites.

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Lucas Young
Lucas Young working with Asa Butterfield