Cogenhoe Pre-School

Cogenhoe Pre-School Christmas Quiz


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#1. What colour was Santa’s original outfit?

#2. Which modern-day country was St. Nicholas born in?

#3. Which country did eggnog come from?

#4. Which real-life person is Santa Claus based on?

#5. Which reindeer is Rudolph’s dad?

#6. Which country did the gingerbread house come from?

Christmas History

#7. Who was responsible for bringing the tradition of Christmas trees to the UK?

#8. In what year was Good King Wenceslas assassinated?

#9. Which King of England was crowned on Christmas Day?

#10. Which Leonardo DiCaprio film was released on Christmas Day 2013?

#11. What fruit was historically placed in Christmas stockings?

#12. “He’s making a list, checking it twice…” Where did Santa’s naughty/nice list come from?


#13. In what year was A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens published?

Christmas Movies

#14. Who played Santa in Miracle on 34th Street?

#15. Which Christmas movie has been played more than any other?

#16. What is the name of the family in National Lampoons Christmas Vacation?

Christmas Commercials

#17. What vegetable is Kevin in the Christmas Aldi Commerical?

Christmas Commercials: Which Britney Spears song is played in the Tesco Commerical?

#18. Which Britney Spears song is played in the Tesco Commercial?

#19. Which song did Sainsburys release for Christmas 2020?

#20. Walkers Crisps is all about their new flavour… that flavour is…

#21. What style of dance does the girl pursue in the Amazon advert?

#22. Which Disney character teddy bear is passed down the generations in the new Disney Commercial?

#23. Who winks at the camera at the end of the Coca Cola Commercial?

#24. The tag line for the John Lewis & Partners commercial this Christmas is?

Say What You See

#25. Say What You See – Question 1

#26. Say What You See – Question 2

#27. Say What You See – Question 3

#28. Say What You See – Question 4

#29. Say What You See – Question 5

#30. Say What You See – Question 6

Christmas Songs

#31. Who sang Let it Go in the snowy film favourite Frozen?

#32. Who was the first person to have a Christmas number one?

#33. Who has been top at Christmas eight times with various acts?

#34. Mariah Carey’s iconic Christmas hit All I Want for Christmas was released in what year?

#35. What is the number 1 selling Christmas song of all time?

Name That Tune

#36. Name That Tune – Question 1

#37. Name That Tune – Question 2

#38. Name That Tune – Question 3

#39. Name That Tune – Question 4

#40. Name That Tune – Question 5

#41. Name That Tune – Question 6

#42. Name That Tune – Question 7

#43. Name That Tune – Question 8