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12 month part-time
Screen Acting Year Course
Next Course Starts September 2019

12 Month Screen Acting Course In London

An intense, year-long acting course that runs on weekends

Designed for screen actors who want to take their craft to the next level, it's a hands-on, intensive year of acting training in a range of areas.

The course is run by Steve North (Doctor, Who, Holby City), and it features acting and performance classes from Steve as well as a range of industry professional guest coaches, including Shobu Kapoor (Eastenders, Citizen Khan), David Schaal (The Inbetweeners), Adam Morse (Lucid) and voice coach Naomi Todd (Mamma Mia)

As the 12 month acting course progresses, you’re involved in numerous professional shoots of individual scenes, devised scenes, scripts provided by your coaches and of course a final, festival-ready short film. All of these scenes are great for your acting showreel!

The Screen Acting Year Course doesn’t just cover acting. You also learn movement (for both acting and motion capture, which is a hot new field – a lot of actors are hired by game development agencies and having motion capture skills is essential!). You learn to use your voice effectively with our voice and accent coaches. You’ll learn the business side of acting and be coached by working directors, producers and casting directors, learning their side of the business as well.

Some of the areas of the 1 year acting course includes:

  • Acting techniques such as Meisner, Stanislavski and Emotional Memory
  • How to perform on camera
  • How to act for various shot sizes
  • The business of acting
  • Utilising social media as an actor
  • Harnessing your voice and learning accents including RP English and American (with Naomi Joy-Todd)
  • Learning to perform using your body, and learning techniques for motion capture (with Robin Berry)
  • Working with a director and crew
  • Posing for headshots
  • Choosing footage for your reel
  • Devising character
  • Breaking down scripts
  • Actioning and Intention

Screen Acting Course Leader: Steve North

The Reel Scene is proud to work alongside acclaimed actor / director Steve North to bring you this course.

Steve has had had many acting roles in his career, including playing firefighter Colin Parrish in ITV’s London’s Burning and his other credits include Doctor Who, EastEnders, Midsomer Murders, Casualty, The Bill, Murphy’s Law, Holby City and stage roles in shows like Fever Pitch, War Horse, Meeting Joe Strummer, and Mermaid.

As a director, Steve co-wrote and appeared in the feature film South West 9, and was Associate Producer on The Football Factory. He co-wrote and produced the short film Through the K-Hole and directed the award-winning short film Cregan for Screen South.

Steve has an extensive experience teaching acting and on-camera technique and works closely with The Reel Scene to develop classes, courses and act as one of our most respected tutors.

What you get with this screen acting course

We want to be completely transparent with you, as we know this course is a significant investment in your career development. So you know exactly what you’re getting, our year course will provide you with:

  • A full set of professional headshots for your portfolio
  • Produce your own cinematic showreel in studio
  • Seminars with special guests to grow your understanding of the industry
  • Workshops with professional actors, directors and producers to create original work
  • Networking events throughout the year
  • Lectures on acting theory
  • Perform in front of agents and casting directors
  • Lessons on scriptwriting
  • A minimum of 2 hours a month with one-to-one tuition on your personal development
  • Formative and summative assessments to Trinity grading standards

All of this is designed to provide you with the tools you need to get started in the industry.

We want you to succeed. Lots of our students have been signed by agents and cast for roles – and we hope you can help us make that record to continue.

As well as learning to improve your acting, you also become part of the Reel Scene community, which means you get ongoing support and advice from our staff who include casting directors and acting agents.

Each month on this one year acting course you develop characters and scenes and then these are then shot, edited and reviewed. This means you can see your performance develop over time, work on how you look on camera, AND you get great showreel footage.

Towards the end of the 1-year screen acting course, you devise and develop your own short film. We bring in a professional screenwriter, director and crew to shoot the film and this will be submitted to film festivals.

We're so proud of this acting course we're happy for you to chat to the students from our current year, or drop us a line to arrange to view the course in action on a shooting day.

Current student Lucas Young says "We're only 5 months into the current course and already I'm loving it! I'm far further ahead in my acting than I ever thought I could be. I took to the Meisner technique like a duck to water. Being able to see my scenes edited together taught me a huge amount about continuity and how I was reacting to the other actors. Our class is very tight-knit and we all support each other through some very intense sessions! It's also a huge amount of fun and I love being part of the Reel Scene family. I'd be happy to give honest feedback to anyone interested in doing the course!"

Best of all, the 1 year acting course runs part time - 3 days per month (over a weekend) to accommodate your busy lifestyle. Oh, and we have payment and loan options to help you cover the cost.

Throughout the course

During the full 12 months, you will regularly have the opportunity to dedicate days to shooting in front of camera when you’re ready, building characters and scenes that culminate in your own, festival-ready short film.

We also edit those scenes for you, so you can watch your performance in the context of a completed scene, while learning about continuity, shot sizes, and character arcs.

And it’s great that you get to make your own short film. But there is serious work to be done, too. That’s why our course outline below explains how the course will be structured, to maximise your learning.

First six months of the course

The first six months will focus on taking you to the next level with both your acting technique and style.

We will teach you our ‘toolbox’ approach to acting that encourages you to develop your own technique to acting. We will take a three-pronged approach to your development, to make sure you push your limits.

We deliver on acting theory too. We will work extensively on understanding and considering different acting theories to add even greater depth to your acting. From Stanislavski’s Active Analysis to Meisner’s Truth and Chekov’s Psychological Gesture, we go through it all.

Second six months of the course

The second six months is where you get to make your mark and stand out as being not only an intelligent actor, but someone who knows the industry well enough to understand all its moving parts.

This is the business end of things: how to market yourself, get a proactive agent, pull together a showreel, organise logistics of a shoot and get in the editing room.

You will attend seminars, lectures and workshops with leading professionals from across the industry to get a breadth of understanding. These six months are vital to your development as a player in the industry.

But the acting doesn’t stop: you will continue to learn different styles of dialogue, work on the intimacy of your close ups, and build character arcs.

The final assessment

It’s not all coasting, of course. We will set monthly homework and have regular formative assessments on your development throughout the term, and a summative assessment towards the end of your course. We will use the Trinity marking standard to grade your work.

But it’s a two-way street: you will keep an acting journal to self-reflect on your progress. You are your harshest critic after all.

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