How to become an Actor – A Industry Survivor’s Guide

How to Become an Actor in the entertainment industry?

When you begin your journey as an actor you feel as if you are stranded on a boat in the middle of the ocean. Where do you go first? Do you take the plunge into the water and swim for land or do you wait for the rescue boat to save you? The answer is take the plunge, these are the first steps on how to become an actor.

Now that you have dived into the water you now need to learn to swim. When you get your first job on set, the most important rule is that you are bondable as this will shape your reputation for future jobs.

What do we mean when we call ourselves Bondable?

By being bondable this proves that you are easy to work with and capable to do your job as an actor so that you provide yourself with a good reputation. We all know rumours of actors who are divas on set and could probably name a few but if you show that you are bondable on set, this will be one of your greatest tools when surviving in the industry.

Another key factor when starting out is that you must face everything with 100% of your effort. Now this doesn’t mean that when you become established you can slack off. It simply means that you are able to show that you are dedicated to your craft and are willing to put all of your effort into the role at hand, whether it be a main role or even an extra. Despite many disregarding small roles, they are still part of the logs that build a fire.

The final tool which you need in order to survive in the acting industry is that you must remember to be genuine and authentic. Remembering that no actor is more important than another shows that you are humble and appreciate everyone on set. Bringing authenticity into each of your roles will show your diversity. Don’t be afraid to show your quirky side because the thing that makes you different may advantage you in the audition room.

Be on time!

If you are late for an audition, you may miss your opportunity simple as that! there are other actors in that casting room ready to go for that role. Being 30 minutes early is being on time. If you go early you can find the location, go grab a coffee and relax. If they hand out scripts at the audition being early may give you more time to prepare. It is so important to be on time!

How to become an Actor Summary!

So remember:

  • Be Bondable
  • Always give it 100%
  • Be on time
  • Be Genuine and Authentic

We must all take some risks when going for the job we want and sometimes our journeys seem like they are taking baby steps and getting nowhere. We must all remember that any progress, whether it be small or large, is still progress in itself. By using this survivor’s guide on how to become an actor you will begin to pave your way to a successful career and like everything it will take time. So be patient, everything happens for a reason.

Do you want to learn more on how to become an actor? If you want to find out more on how to survive as an actor in the industry, acquire acting training, all the tools required to start your career to then get in touch today.