How to Become an Actor – Script Analysis

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What to do When Facing a Script for the First Time

We have all been through the experience of when facing a script for the first time. Our initial thoughts automatically think to how much is on the page and how fast we can learn our lines. Looking back on it all now, we have all realised that we were quite naïve and that there is so much more to facing a script than meets the eye.

What is the First Step?

When you first get a script in hand you need to make sure that you read through it at least three times. This will allow you to get a good idea of what the scene is about, what your character might be doing and who he/she is interacting with. You can’t make any decisions until you have read through the script. You don’t want to start learning the lines until you understand what the words coming out of your mouth mean. If you are in an audition and are unsure of what is happening in the scene, how will this convince a casting director or agent that you are connected with the script?

The Five W’s. Who? What? When? Where? and Why?

Your next step is to address the Five W’s. By creating a background for the character, even if the script is from a well-known TV show or film, this shows that you are taking your own interpretation into hand. You must stick to your own interpretation and not the one you have seen another actor do as this wasn’t your natural reaction to the script. During an audition, the casting director or agent may ask you questions on the character; through the use of a made up back story this will show that you have ticked all the boxes in creating a realistic character with a history.

What is my Objective?

It is always hard to admit that in any situation we are always in want of something. This is no different when looking at a scene. You must address what your character wants in the scene and how they are going to get. This objective may change throughout the scene but by addressing this will show that you are aware of the change in the characters thought process.

We must all remember that there will be scripts that we instantly connect with and others that we just can’t understand the character presented before us. At the end of the day, it takes time for the character to materialise but if you remember to address the Five W’s and find your Objective, then you will find your interpretation of the character from the script given to you.

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