Jessica’s Reel Scene Event Experience

My Reel Scene Event acting training Experience

I can honestly say that I was completely blown away during and after The Reel Scene Event. In the days after the course, I constantly found myself thinking about the event and how I never wanted it to end. The Reel Scene Event gave me the drive to pursue my career in acting, but most importantly it also gave me hope as I discovered how I was so much more capable than I ever believed. I feel that my acting technique has flourished and every time I now look at a script, my first thoughts are not ‘okay how am I going to learn these line’ but ‘what is my character’s objective in the scene’. I now think back to before the course and I can’t believe how naive I was to the world of acting. I have had my eyes opened and like I said before I feel that I am now ready to pursue my dream.
Everyday on the Reel Scene Event was an absolute whirlwind and one of the biggest adventures I have ever had. From the every moment I stepped into the room, not knowing anyone apart from Alex Fidelski, I could feel the open vibes everyone gave off and that we would all get along perfectly. Within the first hour we were all able to bounce off each other in improvisation games and I feel that I have made some life long friends. It was such an honour to work with all the actors on the course and watch them as they developed and grow. Everyone’s final performances were outstanding to such an extent that we all gained agent representation. We were all lucky enough to receive feedback from the agents which, as I believe, isn’t a common thing to come by, so to have the opportunity was a blessing on its own. As well as this, we had the chance to spend a whole week working with a director from America. Jared’s knowledge and wisdom is outstanding and we were able to see what a director looks for in an actor and how they work with their actors to turn their visions into a physical piece of art.

There are so many things I wish to write about the acting training course but putting it onto paper would take a lifetime. I am so grateful to Alex who not only coached us tremendously, but motivated and encouraged me to come onto The Reel Scene Event because without his input and influence I would not possess the knowledge I know today and most importantly I would not have had the chance to develop my technique and audition of agent representation .

For any aspiring actors out there, please make sure that you sign up for the next Reel Scene Event because even after spending a week developing and expanding your skills is enough to make your dream a reality!!

Jessica Balmer