Kevin’s ‘The Reel Scene’ Experience!

While striving to get ahead in the acting world, I found myself hitting a many dead ends: joining agencies that closed down, short-film directors disappearing without a trace, scam acting lessons… you get the idea. This barrage of negative experiences was turning me into a rather cynical and apprehensive person with regards professional acting, and it was with great caution that I investigated The Reel Scene. I can honestly say though, I am so glad I gave it a shot!

After attending a one-day The Reel Scene workshop, I was astounded by the amount of time, dedication and genuine care that had gone into it. Alex Fidelski had the entire event planned out, with scripts, talks from motivational speakers and professionals, and the chance to really get involved in serious acting. The pairing up of actors was very well chosen, owing to him having called each of us up beforehand, chatting to us and gauging our characters – yet another attribute I found to be particularly encouraging – and I was very happy with the work that my partner and I produced. Needless to say, I was so impressed by the end of the day that it was impossible for me to turn down the offer to attend the week-long course.

About the course itself, it was the most interesting, intense and enjoyable acting experience I’ve ever been involved in! I was pleased to see that my previous acting partner had decided to attend too, but that in no way stopped me from forming amazing friendships with each of the other ten actors as well. Despite us being a diverse group in terms of experience, heritage, age, ambitions and personality, we bonded quickly through improv games, group discussions and just plain old chatting in our free time. I’ve met quite a few people through acting – some who check back in from time to time, some who vanish forever – but I can honestly say that those who I met at the Reel Scene Event are going to stay with me for a long, long time. We truly became a trusting, open and close-knit family.

Social matters aside, the course was very full-on and packed with activities. From day one we met with two accomplished actresses of the stage and screen, and they gave us advice on how to approach our showcase pieces which we would be performing on the final day. The scripts themselves were meaty with plenty of sub-text to explore, and it was fascinating to see how each couple developed their characters, considered their motivations and aims, and ultimately polished their performances throughout the week. Days two and three kept the pace going as we worked with an actor on audition techniques, had our headshots taken, actually auditioned in front of agents, and met up with a Hollywood director who then worked with us in a studio on days four and five. All the while, we continued to share ideas as a group, supported each other, and received much insight from many talented and insightful industry professionals.

Ultimately, the Reel Scene Event was a fantastic experience! The incredible amount of knowledge that has been bestowed upon us is invaluable, as is the exposure we have had to those established in the business. I would, without a doubt, recommend the Reel Scene to anybody who wishes to further (or even begin) their acting journey. Alex is a hard working, truthful, down to earth, friendly and committed teacher, and one who sincerely wishes his students to succeed. I am honoured to have been a part of his venture.

Kevin Hyne, The Reel Scene Graduate, March 2016