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Joivan Wade / Percelle Ascott / Dee Kaate Masterclass

JPD Masterclass

The trio of Percelle Ascott, Joivan Wade and Dee Kaate are an incredible example of talented, youthful determination. Known for The Weekend Movie, Mandem on the Wall, Dr Who, JPD Show, Eastenders and The Wall of Comedy.

They know what it’s like to break though, and want to guide you to do the same.

JPD Masterclass

The Reel Scene are providing a select number of actors with this unique opportunity to meet, work and perform for Percelle, Joivan and Dee. You will also have your work go live on the Wall of Comedy website, with their videos having a reach of a minimum half a million people.

That’s serious exposure!

JPD Masterclass benefits

Actor career advice

Understand the industry

JPD will talk about their journey into acting and comedy, discuss online and viral content, and hold a Q&A session to help you understand more about the industry.

Award winning actors

Professional training

JPD will provide hands-on training and guidance to help develop your skills.

Asa Butterfield Acting Masterclass London

Perfect your craft

Refine your acting skills, with a focus on comedy and appealing to online platforms.

Award winning actors

Networking Opportunities

Meet JPD and other contacts to build your network to support your career. You never know, they may be looking to cast for a short...

Actor Networking

Perform with JPD

A unique opportunity to be directed by the guys, and have your content go live on the Wall of Comedy!


You will leave this masterclass with footage that will go live on the Wall of Comedy. How crazy is that?

Don't miss your chance to interact with JPD!

What a trio. Founders of Mandem on the Wall and The Wall of Comedy, they’re masters of online acting. But with previous roles on Dr Who and Eastenders, they know traditional parts too.

And they’re coming to meet you.

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