One Day Acting Workshop in London

Whether you’re a new actor looking to learn the basics, or a seasoned professional keen on sharpening their skills, The Reel Scene One Day Acting Workshop is perfect for you. It’s not only a great way to boost your confidence as an actor, it’ll give you the opportunity to meet and work with industry professionals and people who share your passion for acting.

Each workshop covers a different technique, so if you’re improv skills are on point but you feel like you need to work on your self-tape skills then just choose that workshop that’s right for you. The workshops we currently offer are –


Improvisation is being able to create or perform in the moment without any preparation. This is great for actors who want to build their confidence.

Vocal Techniques

Vocal ability is a desired technique for both theatre and screen acting. Being able to control how you project your voice is extremely important when controlling a room or set with your presence.

Audition Techniques

A great audition is the key to securing the big role you want. Having the right attitude, preparation and techniques can make you stand out from the rest and that is exactly what we’ll teach you.

Cold Reading

When you are given a script with little or no time in advance to rehearse, you will have to do a cold reading. This is often something that frightens actors but having the right tips and techniques to focus on can make a world of difference.


A monologue is long speech performed by an actor. Having a variety of monologues prepared enables you to showcase your versatility on demand.

Self-tape Recording

Self-tapes are becoming more and more common. They are another form of an audition used by casting directors, where you use a recording device to film your audition rather than doing it face to face. Being able to understand what the directors are looking for in your self-tape is crucial to being successful, and we can give you that insight.

If you’re interested in joining one of the workshops, call us today on 0203 633 5937