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Reel Scene Acting Training Classes

Reel Scene Acting Training Classes

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Only three months to go until the Reel Scene March Event and we are still riding high off the back of our event before Christmas! We are incredibly pleased and proud to say that EVERYONE who attended our last event was signed by a visiting agent – that’s an incredible 100% success rate!

Do you want to be the next graduate of our programme? Are you looking to get signed by an agent? If so sign up NOW to be a part of our upcoming Reel Scene Event in March.

At Reel Scene we were proud and excited to find that all the professionals who supported our event had such a great time that they can’t wait to come back! We’ve also been chatting with more agents, professional actors and directors. Watch this space – there may just be some new and talented guests attending the next Reel Scene Event!

Experience has taught me that there are so many actors out there wanting to launch their careers but unsure of how to get started, progress or land an agent. I’ve seen actors equipped with unprofessional headshots and showreels and talented people who are enrolling on acting courses without seeing any real results. There are some amazing courses out there and enrolling on them is great, provided that you know what you want to achieve. If you are looking for further training then putting your skills into practice can only be a positive thing, but I know many actors that attend courses for years and are still no further along in their careers.

You wouldn’t attend a job interview without doing your homework and researching the role and company. There is absolutely no difference here. Navigating your way down a successful career path in acting requires preparation and investment.

At the Reel Scene Event, we offer the opportunity to meet and network with the industry, perfect your craft and audition for representation.

To break it down, our event includes industry professional seminars and an intense schedule of training activities. You will network with, perform in front of and be coached by professional acting coaches and actors currently working in film and television. You will be directed by a Hollywood director in a professional studio and shoot a short project for inclusion on a professional showreel intended to provide you with more exposure. Throughout the week you will be invited to audition in front of agents and casting directors for the chance to obtain representation.

The bar has been well and truly set by the talented lot who participated in the October event! The high standard and professionalism demonstrated by the actors astounded the casting directors, agents and directors, with everyone obtaining the representation they most certainly deserved.

Kickstart your New Year’s resolutions by actively pursuing your dreams. We provide actors of all standards with the training, tools, networking and auditioning opportunities to progress their acting careers. What are you waiting for?

The Reel Scene

The Reel Scene provides aspiring actors of all ages with the tools, knowledge and experience needed to develop a career in the challenging acting industry. Its intensive training events provide actors with essential networking opportunities and the chance to gain agent representation.

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