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Acting programmes
Helping to develop your acting skills

This is the ideal acting training session to help you with your career, with advice on how to handle auditions.

The best actors in the world become the best by constantly working on their craft. No matter how good an actor you are, there is always room to develop and learn new skills and techniques.

The Reel Scene offer a 3 month intensive acting course located in London, which can help you to do just that. So whether you’re brand new to acting or looking to work on and expand your existing acting skill set, this could be the acting course for you.

Acting students prepare for the camera

Acting students prepare for the camera

During our drama classes, you’ll receive coaching and feedback from recognised actors and directors like Steve North (Dr Who, Holby city, Eastenders, War Horse), David Schaal (The Inbetweeners, The Office), Shobu Kapoor (Eastenders, Citizen Khan) and Manpreet Bachu (Humans, Doctor Who & The Royals) who will share their knowledge and experiences in the acting world. Our goal is to help you turn your dreams into reality and provide you with the knowledge and skills to do just that.

Our 3 month acting course is built around what our industry experts have found and proven to be the most successful methods.

Training includes

Working on self tapes

Meisner technique

Character objectives

Cold read/scene study

Audition technique

Improvisation & performing to camera

Stanislavski system

Taking direction

The start of The Reel Scene part-time acting course focuses on improvisation and getting comfortable stepping outside of your comfort zones. Getting comfortable in a creative acting environment brings out the best in yourself and your acting performances. Improvisation is a great acting warm up, and a great technique to creating your character on a more in-depth level, you also begin to really absorb information and take direction which is key in the acting world! Taking direction is an important acting skill for every actor to know, and you may not realise it but you are constantly taking direction on set and in acting auditions. As an actor you must listen to direction and make yourself pliable, meaning becoming what is required of you as an actor. On a film set it’s your job to become the character in your script and bring it to life, but an acting audition it is a test to see if you can apply direction. It is also an indicator to the director and casting director of how well you listen and absorb what you’re being told to do.

As you progress through The Reel Scene part-time acting course your coaches are constantly tracking your acting progress so they are able to understand what your acting needs may be.

During the acting course, we introduce other acting methods and techniques that are used today across the best full-time and part-time drama schools in London and Los Angeles.

For example, we introduce acting methods like the Meisner technique and Stanislavsky techniques, as well as acting methods like script analysis, script work, cold readings and self-tapes.

An Acting Workshop in London

An Acting Workshop in London

Script analysis teaches you to break down a script and make it your own, this is key to delivering a believable acting performance and should never be overlooked. Every great actor studies each script they are handed in order to understand the character, develop backstories and so on.

Having the advantage of being able to rehearse cold readings as an actor will put you at a big advantage amongst untrained actors and will dramatically help you develop as a performer.

Cold reading is an audition process where you are given your audition script the moment you arrive at the audition and then given a time frame to memorise and perform it. A lot of actors struggle with this but in our intensive acting course, we make sure that you go into every audition prepared for whatever is thrown at you.  

Something that is becoming more popular in the area of auditioning is self-tapes. Self-taping is recording your audition in your home or wherever you may be and sending it through to the director. Within the time frame given. This is great news for actors as it can open up opportunities for overseas productions that could skyrocket your acting career.

Towards the end of the part-time acting course, you prepare a final acting performance piece to be performed in front of Alex Fidelski, Director of The Reel Scene – and an acting agent. This is an experience very few London acting courses offer and having a chance to audition for an agent is an opportunity every budding actor wants.

Autumn Term

Progress your career with a Workshop term

Reel Scene Workshop terms are spread across 3 months with a total of 9 workshops. This will give you the best growth and opportunity to progress your career properly.

Autumn Term

Workshop Dates:

5th August 2018 10:00am – 1:00pm
19th August 2018 10:00am – 1:00pm
22nd August 2018 6:00pm – 9:00pm
5th September 2018 6:00pm – 9:00pm
16th September 2018 10:00am – 1:00pm
30th September 2018 10:00am – 1:00pm
14th October 2018 10:00am – 1:00pm
17th October 2018 6:00pm – 9:00pm
28th October 2018 10:00am – 1:00pm

Winter Term

Workshop Dates:

11th November 2018
14th November 2018
25th November 2018
2nd December 2018
9th December 2018
12th December 2018
6th January 2019
13th January 2019
16th January 2019

Spring Term

Workshop Dates:

3rd Feb 2019 6pm – 9pm
6th Feb 2019 6pm – 9pm
10th Feb 2019 10am – 1pm
13th Feb 2019 6pm – 9pm
24th Feb 2019 6pm – 9pm
17th Mar 2019 10am – 1pm
24th Mar 2019 10am – 1pm
3rd Apr 2019 6pm – 9pm
14th Apr 2019 10am – 1pm

Payment options

All fees are non refundable irrespective of the students attendance. Fees or 1st instalment has to be paid prior the course to secure a place. If the instalment payments are not adhered to we reserve the right to deny entry to class.

Payment plans are available, please contact us for more information or make your first payment below.

An initial deposit of £99



Payment Option 1
One single payment of £540 One off payment

£540 x 1 Instalment


Payment Option 2
2 payments of £290spread over 2 months

£290 x 2 Instalments


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