Reel Scene Winner 2015 – Anton Miller

Anton Miller, Winner of the The Reel Scene Event October 2015, has put into words below his experience of the event and what it meant to him winning the Best Actor Award.

The Reel Scene Event has been the upmost best experience yet! I won best actor award of ‘The Reel Scene 2015!’ Winning this award was such a humbling experience. I never thought I would win. All the actors were brilliant, I just kept seeing loads of growth within them each day. It was unexpected but so fulfilling. As a result of working hard and attending the Reel Scene Event, I have now be signed by an agent and I can finally work as a professional actor!

The Reel Scene intensive course has been the most challenging training I have ever done! Yes, it is very intensive and full on, but that is how the industry works! The Reel Scene is not afraid to show truth and work ethic! I have learnt so much within one week, in various aspects; audition techniques, character analysis, improvisation development, accepting direction, screen acting, raw in depth knowledge about the industry, working with industry professionals from agents, an american director from hollywood, working and be coached by known actors and much more! The Reel scene, gave me that understanding that I was always craving for.

Everyday you are learning something new and fresh, I felt so much development and growth within myself. It was such a weird feeling, especially because I knew my potential, all I needed was that help to bring out of me. I find having a week just focusing on your craft, you overcome so many barriers. Anything you are struggling with or worried about all leave after you finish this The Reel Scene Event…

I owe a massive thank you to Alex Fidelski, my drama coach. He has taught me the fundamental skills needed to survive in this industry. Very grateful to have the opportunity to work with him, creator/director of ‘The Reel Scene Event’.