Reel Scene’s actor Suraj Rattu blog on the feature film “X+Y”

When I heard the name Shaheen Baig as the casting director; I knew straight away it was going to be a good project.

I got the script for a one page scene with the lead character who could not pronounce my name right. I remember the next recall stage seeming very important considering how many groups of actors were going in and out every 15 minutes. Alot of familiar faces were there.

This recall in particular seemed the most relaxed and free. What I mean by that is the director really sat down with us and eased us into the audition. We did a lot more improvisation rather than script reading, with the producer and casting team there; It felt much easier to truly express the character bouncing off each other.

Actually being on set in Taiwan with established actors like Eddie Marsan, Sally Hawkins and Rafe Spall was a thrill. To actually share the screen with actors like Asa Butterfield and Percelle Asott was a pleasure; having been familiar with their work before the project.

The best feeling overall is knowing that the film is brilliant; and i’m not just saying that! I can happily tell people to watch this.

Suraj Rattu