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How to Stay Motivated as an Actor 1024 538 The Reel Scene

How to Stay Motivated as an Actor

Let’s face it, life as an actor is not always glamorous. Throughout your career, you may land a year-long project, or even have a few – or be a series lead or regular –  but then after that, maybe nothing comes up for some time. So then what? How do you stay motivated? read more
Stage vs Screen Acting 1024 538 Lucas Young

Stage vs Screen Acting

Having graduated from the August 2016 Reel Scene acting training event I can say that the Reel Scene is the only course out of a number of acting courses that showed me the differences between stage and screen acting and gave me the chance to do both and compare for myself. That being said I…

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The Basics of Screen Acting 1024 538 The Reel Scene

The Basics of Screen Acting

Today I was asked about camera angles and how an actor can help the director create the best shot for on screen acting. Screen acting is a relationship between the actor and the camera, it goes without saying that as an actor you should be as prepared as possible by knowing your lines and have…

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