The Reel Scene winner DeeDee’s blog

The Reel Scene was something that sounded so amazing and too good to be true, I was so drawn to it, that I had to find out more. After meeting Alex Fidelski and the rest of The Reel Scene Family I went home and did some research on it all. I was so eager to no more I met with Alex before The Reel Scene event started to find out anything else I could, to confirm whether or not I would do it as so many acting courses/programmes make promises and don’t always deliver.

After a lot of agonising whether or not to do it, I was so drawn to how amazing it sounded and how nice they all were and to how much knowledge Alex has about the industry. I can now say with my hand on my heart that I’m so glad I joined The Reel Scene as it is honestly one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It wasn’t to good to be true it was so much more then I could have ever imagined, Alex went above and beyond the call of duty. You get to meet industry professionals, such as actors that have been in the industry for 20 plus years and still work today to actors that have just started out but have been lead roles in top shows and are well known! oh and you meet directors, agents and people from all walks of life that are all drawn to the same thing you are.

Everything you learn and do in an intensive week is more then some actors would learn and do in a year or more thanks to The Reel Scene. You get advice that I would consider absolute gold dust, you get studio time with a Hollywood director. Head shots that are absolutely incredible you get directed beautifully throughout. Alex coaches you through the whole week and gets you to meet and network with Agents, Actors already in tv and film, and Directors that will all give you advise based on their own experiences.

Throughout the week you are not alone you will be joined by other actors like yourself some with previous experience some without. What you will learn from these people is that at the beginning of the week they will be strangers but by the end of the week they will be your family! There isn’t one person in my group that I met that I won’t keep in touch with. They all help each other whether it’s to go over lines or reassure/support you or even just to give you a much needed hug. The Reel Scene isn’t just an event, we are a FAMILY!

If I could impart wisdom on any of you actors considering doing The Reel Scene it would be..

Go in open minded, prepare to work hard. Always be on time (get there early) take notes to go back over and remind yourself for future reference. Always trust Alex he knows exactly what he’s doing. Be kind to everyone as they will be your constant company for 6 days. And most of all Enjoy every single moment as it flies by and I am missing my The Reel Scene family immensely, lucky for me I get to see them once a month at The Reel Scene work shop.

I was lucky enough to get on incredibly well with one of the previous The Reel Scene event graduate, and through being paired with him during a workshop, I was fortunate enough for him to see what I could do. Because of that I got a part in a sitcom that started filming straight after The Reel Scene event finished. I was so thankful for that because I was so sad to be leaving everyone I became so close to it, it was nice to keep myself busy.

If your sitting on the fence about joining The Reel Scene my advice to you is..

delve straight in with both feet it is the best thing you will ever do!