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Our Top 5 Social Media Tips for Actors

Our Top 5 Social Media Tips for Actors

Our Top 5 Social Media Tips for Actors 1024 538 The Reel Scene

As an actor, one aspect of your job is to put yourself out there for the world to see, and social media can be a huge help. However, social media is a double-edged sword: it can easily make or break you with one simple click. In order to gain all of the benefits of social media use, and avoid the possible blunders, keep these key tips in mind!

Use social media to network – wisely!

Social media gives you instant access to the entire industry, and there is nothing wrong with reaching out in a professional, friendly manner. When contacting someone online, be sure to build a genuine, honest relationship with them. Please do not start out by instantly asking them for some sort of favor! That being said, it is okay to ask for some insight or advice. Just be sure that your questions are well thought out and aren’t the typically broad, nonsensical stuff that does not help anyone.

Put your best self forward

Because the entire world has access to what you post, it is vital to be careful what you say and do online. Avoid being negative, stay out of controversial threads, don’t bully, and, please, keep your photos from that crazy weekend in Vegas private. For extra security and privacy, it may be wise to create separate professional accounts from your personal ones.

Interact with others

One of the best ways to gain and maintain a following is to reply to some of the comments you receive, both good and bad. If someone compliments the new headshots you shared, thank them! On the flip side, if someone criticizes you in some way, you should politely acknowledge them in a way that shuts down any potential conflict. Also, be supportive of your fellow actors! You should like, share, retweet, and promote their current projects. You never know, you may get some good digital karma in return (or maybe even a shoutout)

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Don’t share everything

Of course, you want your followers to know about the projects you’re currently working on, but hold off on those hashtags for a moment and take some precautions before sharing those behind-the-scenes photos. First, you must be certain that you understand the social media policy of the company who hired you, and any contractual obligations or you may run into some trouble. This goes for sharing your self-tapes or any online audition material as well.

Keep it professional

You want it to be clear that you are a professional actor on your social media profiles. If you want others to take your acting seriously, do not refer to yourself as an “aspiring actor” (or worse, “inspiring actor”). Also, if you are a part of an agency, theatre guild, or you attended a well-known acting school, it could be helpful to include their handles in your profile because you will be linked back to them.

If you put these tips into practice, you can be certain that you are presenting yourself to the world as a professional actor. Now get out there and share your talent!

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