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TV Presenting Masterclass
Learn to become a Television Presenter!

Learn TV presenting from working industry professionals!

Have you ever wanted to become a TV presenter? Now’s your chance!

The newest Masterclass from The Reel Scene covers everything you need to know about TV presenting. You’ll work with professional presenters  including Michael Underwood, Jenni Falconer and Angellica Bell and a seasoned TV crew to hone your skills and present to camera and live-streaming on the web!

Over 3 intensive days we’ll teach you not only how to present on-screen, but all of the behind-the-scenes skills you’ll need as well.

What you get

We cover a lot over 3 jam-packed days! Here’s what you get:

Self-producing, writing and researching

Single camera presenting, The “piece to camera”

Multi-camera techniques and using the autocue

Technical skills, using tally lights, in-ear cues

Live YouTube broadcast to the Reel Presenters channel

Seminars and discussions on business, auditions, finding agents

Performance reviews with class / tutor feedback and your own showreel!

Guest presenter: Insights and Q&A

We’ve designed the course so you can hit the ground running in the exciting and competitive world of on-air television presenting.

Throughout the course

Throughout the masterclass, you’ll have the opportunity to interact not only with other students but to get feedback, tips, and advice from the tutors and crew.

We’re a friendly, supportive team and an inspirational environment, so don’t worry about feeling nervous – we’ve all been there!

The Reel Scene support you not only during the class but afterward as well, and we have many connections in the industry – we’d love to help you make valuable industry contacts.

Day One

On the first day, we get right into it with presenting exercises, group work, scriptwriting and discussions on genre.

You’ll learn about researching and proofreading your scripts, working with a team and then you’ll deliver those scripts to camera

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Day Two

On Day Two, everything moves up a gear!

You’ll learn about the autocue, interview techniques (including a live interview) and you’ll be given homework for the next day.

You’ll learn about multi-camera presenting and interview a guest actor.

Day Three

On the final day, we’ll put everything together!

You’ll learn about the “piece to camera” and how to memorise longer scripts.

There will be a Q&A with a guest presenter, and you’ll learn how to do the infamous “walk and talk”

We finish the day with more presentations, analysis… and then we relax!


We’ll be assessing you from the moment you arrive, and offering you feedback on your performances, your technique, how you present yourself as well as giving you advice on behaviour and standards in the industry.

You’ll be given homework on the first day, but of course the true test is how you appear on cameras, and our industry coaches will give you feedback and advice throughout the entire Masterclass.

TV Presenting Masterclass - DEPOSIT
Our 3-day masterclass teaches you everything you need to know to be a TV presenter


TV Presenting Masterclass - PAY IN FULL
Our 3-day masterclass teaches you everything you need to know to be a TV presenter



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