Do I receive showreel footage?

Many of our courses and workshops include filmed exercises and scenes, such as The 6-Day Intensive Acting Course, The Asa Butterfield Masterclass and The Screen Acting Year Course. We are one of the few professional acting courses that shoot scenes with our actors every month as part of our Screen Acting Year Course. We want to get you in front of the camera as often as possible, after all, that’s what acting is about! You’ll shoot scenes to practise the particular skills you’ve learned, and these scenes will be edited by our in-house professionals including Joe Nurding (https://www.boommonkey.co.uk/) and editor Lucas Young (Television New Zealand, Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King). These scenes are crucial for you to learn about framing, continuity, performance, the effects of lighting and directing and much more. You’ll receive the scenes as files and unlisted YouTube links.