Why Choose Reel Scene Actor Training in London?

I found when first starting out as an actor, when leaving school, college, university, drama school or even an established acting training course, it can be difficult to figure out which steps to take to help kick start your acting career.

I remember taking am actor training course and leaving not knowing what to actually do next, how do I to get work? How do I get an agent?

So I would look for what to do next to help me get that one step closer. I recall when joining agents or some new acting training course or school, I was told I had to have new photos as my current ones where never quite good enough. This all started to cost and I lost faith in what I was being told.

Later in my career I began to teach at a London acting school and I realised that so many actors were asking me for advice and guidance on their careers. Through my contacts I started to help people land agents, castings and head shots. I wanted to create one place where actors could come, meet and network with industry professionals from directors, agents to working actors and to give them an opportunity to get their careers started; this was the start of The Reel Scene.

The Reel Scene offers a range of acting courses from acting training workshops to showreel shoots, masterclasses with established actors such as Asa Butterfield and JPD (Joivan Wade, Percelle Ascott and Dee Kaate). But our main focus is our an acting training event called “The Reel Scene Event” consisting of daily acting classes where we train the actors how to audition, cold read and teach them about the realities and mechanics of the industry through seminars led by industry known actors/agents and directors. Which in return would give the actor confidence. The event also incorporates an opportunity for the actors to showcase their talent in a real audition and a final performance/showcase to agents and directors receiving direct feedback from a professional (which in itself is priceless and it will help the actor with their own development) and also a chance for the actors to gain representation.

The actors will leave with not only headshots but also a show reel from their footage of their final performance and from their film shoot, which will be a part of the acting training course time spent in a professional studio filming a short film/scene, which will be directed by professional Director and actor James Midgley. Which in itself will provide exposure and great experience for an actor.

The Reel Scene allows those serious about perfecting their craft, to learn about the industry from the inside, to network with industry professionals, working actors and to perform in front of elite industry professionals. At the end of the event the actors will have first hand experience of the industry, exposure, footage and headshots to showcase their acting skills in the future. So no need to ask what to do next as you will possess all the essential tools required to launch your career!