Why Full-Time Drama School Isn’t for Everyone

Along with the huge sigh of relief that comes with completing your drama school audition comes the anxious wait to hear if you’ve been successful or not. It’s a tough time, with many people thinking, “What happens if I don’t get in? Is that the end of the road for me as an actor?” The answer is NO! It is absolutely not the end of the road for your career.

So You Didn’t Make It Into Drama School?

If you do get a “no”, there are a number of other options available to you. Don’t give up! Unlike some drama schools, here at The Reel Scene we always keep our door open for those passionate about acting. The Reel Scene don’t hold auditions for our courses. We welcome actors at every stage of their careers. And we believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to gain an education in their chosen field, and that is why we offer such a wide variety of courses and classes.

Learn To Act At Your Own Pace

We also find that a lot of aspiring actors find the commitment of a full-time drama school too much to manage. It leaves you little room for work, family and friends. And as many of you know, drama schools aren’t cheap, so being able to hold down a steady job to pay for it is important. If you are fortunate enough to be booking acting jobs during your studies, it can be difficult to manage your schedule when you are committed to a full-time course. That’s why we at The Reel Scene offer a variety of different courses and classes on a part-time schedule, whilst still offering a high level of training. For example, our One Year Part-Time Screen Acting Course covers everything from Meisner and Stanislavski techniques to breaking down scripts and devising characters for your scene.

Acting Workshops As An Alternative To Longer Courses

We also host a variety of workshops for those looking to hone a specific skill like monologues, self-tapes and cold readings. Why? Because we know that everyone has strengths and weaknesses. You might not feel like you need to commit to a 3-year course, but know that your self-tapes need a little work. We’re here to offer you that help! Being able to attend acting workshops whenever you want in a comfortable and creative environment always brings out the best in an actor and allows you to network with fellow actors.

Acting Is Also About Networking

Asa Butterfield with CEO Alex Fidelski and Lucas Young
Asa Butterfield with CEO Alex Fidelski and Lucas Young

What we’ll give you is access to a never-ending pool of industry professionals who are excited to share their knowledge and skills with anyone who is willing to learn. Each coach has their own skill set and brings something different to each class.

We have coaches who are currently working in major productions, like the star of Netflix show ‘Sex Education’, Asa Butterfield!

As well as Asa, we have familiar faces like David Schaal who played Jay’s dad in the ‘Inbetweeners’, and Manpreet Bambra who was is currently working on season 3 of Netflix show ‘Free Rein’.

Having access to actors currently working in the industry offers major advantages to students because they have an understanding of what today’s industry demands.

All You Need Is Passion

We truly believe that everyone is entitled to learn and develop their skills as an actor. That could be through weekend acting classes, one-off workshops, taster acting courses or part-time acting courses. The only thing we want to see is that our students are passionate and open and willing to learn and develop their acting skills.

Want To Take The Next Step?

If you would like to find out more about The Reel Scene and what acting courses and acting classes/workshops are coming up then get in touch!